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The word for “sincere” in Italian is sincero.  “Sin” means “to be without.”  “Cero” is the Italian word for wax.  It was a term used in the practice of pottery.  Artisans would mold a vessel out of clay and place it into a kiln in which the clay would harden under intense heat.  Cracks would often form in the vessels as they were pulled from the heat into the cooler air outside of the …

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What is the greatest gift God can give you this Christmas? I don’t know what you or your family may be walking through this Christmas, but I do know if you have felt loss and suffering at any level in the past days, months or years, this Christmas could be very difficult for you.Depending on the grief, trial, or pain you are experiencing, your answer simply may be for God …

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Accepting “what is” is a theme that God has been working out in my life for many years. Acceptance doesn’t mean approval, endorsement, or even liking the circumstances. It simply requires a mental and heart-felt shift from resistance to submission through acknowledging and embracing the reality that whatever is, “IS”. Each of us can identify with the notion that, in various areas of our lives, we would have chosen a …

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