How do I know when my therapy is a success?

The purpose of therapy is to improve the way you manage life and relationships with yourself as well as your spouse, family, friends, co-workers and God. You will feel success as you attain these goals and find greater emotional and spiritual strength and stability. The best way to achieve success is to follow-through, approach your sessions openly and honestly, and complete your assignments.

How long will treatment take?

That is entirely dependent on your needs. Many people feel “back on track” after a few sessions while others anticipate only a few visits, then find the process empowering and beneficial to their life and relationships and continue to invest in their spiritual growth and harmony.

How do I choose a counselor?

When finding a counselor, review the philosophy and approach of their practice as well as their individual areas of qualification and interest. It is important to seek a Licensed Professional Counselor who is trained to properly diagnose and provide therapy. Once you perceive a match, an initial consultation will be scheduled where you and the counselor will determine if your needs and expectations are well-suited to the style and expertise of the practitioner.

How do I know if I need professional help?

While counseling and coaching can be a useful life management tool for many reasons, in general, consider professional counseling when anxiety, grief or distress is interfering with your ability to cope or when you need insight into issues that affect your relationships with family, work, sex or spirituality. Therapy can be beneficial when you or your family are dealing with transition such as job loss, divorce or the loss of a family member. It can also help provide perspective when you wish you could feel more happiness and contentment.