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Welcome to LifeCare

At LifeCare Counseling & Coaching, we are passionate about serving others by integrating the best mental health practices and spiritual care for the soul. Our team of licensed practitioners provide services to individuals, couples, and families across the Triangle and online.


Our counselors have a broad range of specialties to address mental health concerns, life transitions, relationship issues, and career choices. In addition, our compassionate mental health providers are dually-trained in integrating clinical counseling and theology. They combine research-based psychology with a Christian perspective of human suffering, hope, and redemptive love. The result is our commitment to excellence and personal integrity to help you experience life as it was designed to be.


Be assured, LifeCare welcomes people of all belief-systems or those who prefer not to express any religious practices. Our clinicians provide a non-judgmental, safe environment where hope and healing can begin.


Our counseling, coaching, and psychiatric services are available at three convenient locations in Brier Creek, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. We strive to support, encourage, and provide hope for each individual. Our desire is to meet each client’s needs as we live out our mission and vision as a practice.


We look forward to connecting with you and assisting you with your therapeutic needs. For questions please call us at (919) 851-1527 or message us here.



Individual, couple and family counseling as well as adolescent and child therapy is offered by licensed therapists. Specialized therapy such as EMDR, trauma-focused therapy, art and play therapy are available. Skill groups such as anger management and DBT as well as seminars are offered at various times. If you are interested in enriching your relationship or reaching personal goals, pre-marital/couples counseling or coaching may be right for you.


The brain is an organ where specialized treatment and medications may be needed to help restore physiological balance and correct functioning. Our psychiatric and therapy team work together to address the whole person to bring healing to the body, mind, and soul. Medication management allows the client to maintain optimal health and well-being.


Assessments provide an opportunity to learn more about you. Assessments can determine strengths/growth areas for individual and couples, assist with career and educational planning, and guide treatment decisions or track progress. If you are looking for a specific type of assessment such as ADHD testing, please contact our office.


Coaching at LifeCare is an opportunity for individuals who may be stuck in their professional career or life goals who want a sound perspective, direction and assistance with new steps. Change can feel overwhelming- our coaches at LifeCare can walk alongside you through this process.

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