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If we change the way we think, before long our thoughts change the way we feel.
Beth Moore


Individual, couple and family counseling as well as adolescent and child therapy is offered by licensed therapists. Special focus groups for men, women and teens are available at various times throughout the year. If you are seeking personal changes or skills, coaching, pre-marital or spiritual formation work are additional options.


The brain is an organ where specialized treatment and medications may be needed to help restore physiological balance and correct functioning. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation utilizing genetic testing can help in determining the best treatment choices. Our psychiatric and therapy team work together to address the whole person to bring healing to the body, mind, and soul. Medication management allows the client to maintain optimal health and well-being.


Coaching at LifeCare is an opportunity for individuals who may be stuck in their professional career or life goals who want a sound perspective, direction and assistance with new steps. Change can feel overwhelming- our coaches at LifeCare can walk alongside you through this process.


Assessments provide an opportunity to learn more about you. Assessments can determine strengths/growth areas for individual and couples, assist with career and educational planning, and guide treatment decisions or track progress. If you are looking for a specific type of assessment such as ADHD testing, please contact our office.


From addictive behaviors to personality and mood disorders, LifeCare's therapists are equipped to help you with various transitions and/or difficult seasons in your relationships.

Groups & Workshops

Throughout the year, LifeCare offers various types of group work. Clients may want to consider joining a group to find support and encouragement with those who are in a similar position or season of life. Group therapy is led by a licensed therapist who specializes in that particular area and the group sessions are kept completely confidential.


Do you have an event coming-up and need a seasoned mental health or life coach speaker? LifeCare has several therapists on-staff who speak regularly on various topics such as mental health issues, parenting, spiritual growth, and more.