The strength of patience hangs on our capacity to believe that God is up to something good for us in all our delays and detours.

John Piper

What is Coaching?


Coaching at LifeCare is something unique and offered for those who are interested in wanting someone to talk with, share ideas with, and be open to suggestions and guidance in making changes or sometimes difficult decisions. These changes could be related to career, education, health/wellness, parenting, life, or most anything you might consider. The goal of the therapist-coach is to motivate and encourage the client as they begin the process of change.

How is Coaching Different from Counseling?


Coaching is different from counseling because as a coach, the therapist takes-on a unique role of coming alongside the client to collaborate about things they too have experienced and can discuss in the therapy room. The environment is similar in that it is safe and confidential; however, the communication between therapist-coach and client is more like a mentorship. Confidence is built within the client and goals are set to move-forward in the direction the client ultimately wishes to take. Different from therapy, the emotional piece and past issues are not so much a part of the conversation.

What Can I Expect with a LifeCare Coach?


Like any other life, business, health/wellness, or career coach, a LifeCare coach is a trained professional who will encourage, guide, and assist in the process of making plans for change in any facet of your life. LifeCare coaches are Christians; however, if you do not wish to discuss the spiritual piece in your coaching sessions they will respect your desires and not bring this into the conversations.