Joi Johnson, MA, Intern

Intern Counselor

Joi Crawford-Johnson is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Social Work and finishing her doctorate in Christian Counseling. In 2015, Joi received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Behavioral Science graduating Magna Cum Laude. In 2017, she obtained a Master of Arts in Psychology Degree graduating with a 3.75 GPA. 

One of her many gifts, Joi is the Author of the Book, “Forgive Me, I Love You:  Those Five Words of Grace.” In the recent past, Joi has volunteered as a Pediatric Cuddler.  This began while taking her husband to his oncology appointments in Chapel Hill, NC.  While showing love to her family, she realized there was more love to give – especially to babies with illness who live in the hospital and many having no family member to visit them.  Joi volunteered to hug, pray, sing, read, and play with these littles ones during times of hardship.  

Joi also volunteered as a Client Advocate at a pregnancy and sexual health resource center called Gateway Women’s Care.  It was there that Joi was able to counsel young women ages 18 to 35 who came to Gateway for a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and STD testing. These free services were an opportunity to minister to many women in need.  

Joi’s experience and her belief in Biblical principles, concepts and theories have allowed her to provide quality care for many individuals in need of counsel.  Joi’s heart is to know people and love them well by being available and present in their circumstances. She is warm-hearted and enjoys encouraging people through use of Scripture. Joi has a particular interest in ministering to those who are struggling with deep wounds of hurt as well as those who are caught in violent situations.

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