“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort or convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Martin Luther King, Jr

Early adulthood is an exciting time. The independence is fun, but with this transition comes more responsibilities and the space to learn and grow into a successful and thriving adult. Our culture continues to change- it is important to have healthy guidance and encouragement in each of our lives. A sound, objective counselor is able to provide a safe, empathetic place to process ideas, relationships and choices in addition to working-through the past experiences.

The reality is, life can get overwhelming at times and friends will not always provide the support you may need. A new job or beginning a degree can be a blessing as well as a time of challenges. For example, these hard roads may be due to ADHD or learning difficulties, finding community, failed romances, financial stress, living situations and more. Trials can keep you from enjoying this wonderful season of growth.

A LifeCare counselor may be able to help you sort out these issues, gain new tools, strengthen your relationships, and encourage your confidence or identity personally. You don’t have to do life alone or have everything figured-out and we hope to come alongside you in this journey and instill hope in every way.


Is Counseling for Me?


We all have hurts and will continue to experience both good and more difficult times. As a young adult, your brain is closer to being fully developed which means during a time of more independence, you are beginning to put the puzzle pieces together of your childhood or possibly wrestle with the things which didn’t make sense or could still be on-going. You ask, “Why” and try to process the past 18 to 24 years.


At LifeCare, we want to offer a safe, supportive practice for you to share, ask questions and find guidance from a professional who cares, but also can look at your life and those connected to you, objectively and offer sound ways to review the circumstances.


Why is this important? Well, sometimes our emotions can take-over or cloud our thinking a bit because we were designed for relationships. We were created for intimacy in our circles of people from family, friends, relatives, neighbors, classmates, co-workers and more. At LifeCare, our hope is help you make sense of these relationships and experiences in a healthy way which promotes forgiveness, boundaries and ultimately peace. No relationship is perfect, but we will always have the opportunity to work on ourselves and in doing so, we can guard our hearts, grow and maintain healthy, life-giving relationships with people in our lives.


What is Counseling Like?


Counseling at LifeCare feels like a cup of coffee with a caring individual who genuinely cares. It is 60 minutes of your time to discuss matters which are all kept confidential. It is an opportunity to be honest without judgment or shame. At LifeCare, we seek to meet you where you are and encourage you on your journey…


Common Questions:

  1. Can I bring a friend or family member? Yes.
  2. How often do I come to therapy? You and your therapist will discuss what is do-able and works best for you.
  3. Is this really confidential? Yes. As licensed professionals, LifeCare’s therapists and psychiatrists strictly follow NC laws which protects privacy of communication for mental health. Except under special conditions (see policy and privacy form), your information discussed in sessions will be kept confidential.
  4. What if I have a crazy schedule? No worries. We know this season is busy and we want to support you. All we ask is to keep to our practice policies.
  5. What if I am unsure of who to see? We have a variety of therapists with various backgrounds and passions in the counseling field. If you are unsure of who to meet with, please call our office as our administrative team is wonderful at assisting you with this process.