I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

1 Sam 1:27

What I Need to Know About LifeCare and Adoption:


LifeCare providers and staff are passionate about the family-system. The importance of bringing families together and creating and cultivating an environment which nurtures connection and commitment is an amazing blessing. We understand the difficulties involved with foster care and/or adoption and we have several therapists who are trained and experienced in the process who can help you adjust to the changes and challenges. In addition to partnering with parents our hope is to build an alliance with your child(s), so that we might help in them heal, grow and trust.


Next Steps?


If you are interested in a consultation appointment with one of our trained adoption therapists or simply have questions please call our office. We would love to connect with you.


How Can Counseling Help Me/Us?


With any adoption there is loss. When you are a parent to an adopted child or teen there can be different challenges. If you are/were adopted there could be questions, confusion or simply unsure feelings personally as well as towards others or through certain experiences. Counseling is an opportunity to find support, encouragement and understanding as you begin to see the layers of loss – how the brain has been wired or what difficult and sometimes traumatic experiences have occurred (even in the womb). Counseling at LifeCare offers a unique and intentional avenue towards relationships as they were meant to be that is both empathetic and safe.