A place for partners of sex addicts or repeated betrayal to RENEW themselves in a healthy way.



***Next RENEW GROUP will be this late fall/early winter VIRTUALLY***

Relationships can be hard. They are even more traumatic when betrayal occurs over and over leaving you with many painful feelings like hurt, distrust and confusion. You may feel disorganized at times and as much as we reach for our partner, whether they are remorseful or not, the pain still sits and feels unending. Our bodies struggle to stop the anxious cycle.

There is hope. With special training for the betrayed partner, I am passionate about supporting couples walking through sexual addiction, love addiction and betrayal support. In addition, I am certified EMDR therapist which helps individual’s work through personal trauma recovery. Finally, I do believe groupwork is a great next step for partners who are in a relationship with someone who struggles with sexual brokenness.

Why Renew Group?

Renew Group is a space for betrayed partners to grow and heal with the support of others in a safe way. It is structured, confidential and offers a healthy environment needed to process and learn more about yourself and your partner’s struggle over an 8 week period with myself, a trained, licensed professional. Group involves psycho-education, personal reflection and non-judgmental sharing between a group of 6-8 individuals guided by myself, the facilitator, as we move through a workbook focusing on recovery for trauma betrayed partners due to sexual addiction. Groups welcome both female and male partners.

What defines a sex addict?

No single behavior pattern defines sexual addiction. These behaviors (acting-out), when they have taken control of addicts’ lives and become unmanageable, include:
• Compulsive masturbation
• Indulging in pornography
• Having chronic affairs
• Exhibitionism
• Dangerous sexual practices
• Prostitution
• Anonymous sex
• Compulsive sexual episodes
• Voyeurism

“Even the healthiest forms of human sexual expression can turn into self-defeating behaviors. While an actual diagnosis for sexual addiction should be carried out by a mental health professional, the following behavior patterns can indicate the presence of sexual addiction. Individuals who see any of these patterns in their own life, or in the life of someone they care about, should seek professional help.” Dr. Stephanie Carnes.

Am I a good fit for this group?

If you are in an relationship or perhaps a past relationship with someone who has struggled with sexual addiction or compulsivity it is important for you to have support. Group is a great way to provide this in a confidential way. Different than individual therapy, group allows the betrayed partner to connect vulnerably with others on a similar journey and find encouragement, support and new ways to cope without judgement. There are resources and new things to learn which can be helpful for all areas of life. In addition, often times group members continue to connect outside of group because the bond is so good.

My hope is you will consider Renew Group as your next step or additional support and trust it could help to put on a ‘newer self’ in the days to come. No matter what you have experienced- you are seen, heard and valued in every way and you are not alone. Renew Group seeks to encourage these truths as you journey onward!



Ashley Wright, MA, LCMHC

Certified Partners Trauma Therapist – Candidate (CPTT)

EMDR Certified (EMDRIA)


Next Steps:

  • Email Ashley sharing your interest in joining Renew Group
  • Individual counseling (you must have previously sought counsel for this particular subject area and/or be in individual currently in order to join group)
  • Confirm location: 190 Rosewood Centre Dr, Suite 100 Holly Springs, NC 27540 (unless group is virtual)

Contact Information:

Ashley Wright (To read more about Ashley click HERE)


919-851-1527 (office)

Holly Springs Practice

190 Rosewood Centre Dr. Suite 100

Holly Springs, NC 27540