What is Distance Counseling?

Distance Counseling is a secure, HIPPA-complaint way of providing licensed therapy online. Similar to in-person counseling in that you would meet with your therapist to set treatment goals, share experiences and connect regularly, except for you would be using your computer or tablet to do face-to-face counseling. To read more about the risks or policies of online therapy, please read over our required Distance Counseling Consent Form.

How Could this Benefit Me?

For many, attending a therapy appointment regularly can be difficult with work, family, travel and other commitments. At LifeCare, we know this can be challenging to set a series of appointments and it not interfere with your busy schedule. In addition, individuals or couples may want to maintain the confidentiality of visiting with a therapist from supervisors or whatnot. Counseling should not be a burden, but an opportunity to grow and self-care. Distance counseling is convenient for many and we have several therapists who are happy to provide this option!

How Do I Schedule a Distance Counseling Appointment?

To schedule an appointment for distance counseling, please contact your specific therapist as our online portal does not show these slots.