With regard to the coronavirus / COVID-19 situation, please know that the safety and good health of our clients, their families, and our co-workers is of the utmost importance to us at LifeCare.

Update October 2, 2020: Per the Governor’s Phase 3 Plan, some LifeCare providers will continue to offer the option to wear a mask or not. This is up to the providers discretion, so please come prepared to wear a mask unless you have heard otherwise from your provider.

As was established during Phase 1, some providers are still opting for video while others have started offering in-office appointments. Each provider will be responsible for their own availability. In addition, for your safety and that of your counselor we will be implementing the following steps:

  • Our staff will be using a non-touch, laser thermometer to check each visitors temperature. Anyone with a temperature over 99.5 degrees will be asked to reschedule or move to virtual.
  • Every visitor will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entering our offices.
  • Visitors (see above) and staff member will wear masks.

As some counselors have returned to in-office visits, some have not fully returned; therefore, our counselors & staff will do their best to confirm your options with you before the date of your appointment. If you have any questions concerning your appointment, please reach out to your counselor via their email as listed on their bio-page on our website. As always, we at LifeCare are pleased to be your mental health provider and committed to walk alongside you during these trying times. Call us at 919-851-1527 or email your provider directly to inquire about use of video-sessions.

A few thoughts moving forward:

  1. Feeling informed reduces feelings of anxiety and increases empowerment.  Webpages like: www.UNCHealth.org/coronavirus provide a range of information on how best to avoid illness like corona or even the common cold.  Frequent hand washing is key.
  2. Virtual Care:  WE WANT TO SEE YOU!  Consistency is important. ALL of our counselors remain available via our face-to-face HIPPA compliant video-counseling service.  No one wants you to miss out.  Our video-counseling option is a very efficient alternative that will still allow you the opportunity to have a quality session but from the comfort of your own home.

    If you choose to do video sessions going forward, a link will be sent inviting you to join an online HIPPA secure video option. You may use any computer, desktop or laptop, with a camera and microphone or your cellphone.

    Additionally, BlueCross BlueShield is still making allowances for counseling via phone sessions for those with a medical necessity (if you have been exposed to the coronavirus or confirmed and diagnosed). Please email your provider specifically to make arrangements for this. Regarding all other insurances, MOST are allowing video option through the fall/winter. Please check with your specific insurance group to be certain of this option as we will also be checking with you.
  3. Lastly – though there is no assumption that any of us will be exposed to the virus – here is another source of information if you have any additional questions or concerns:  The North Carolina COVID-19 helpline at 1-866-462-3821.

– The Staff at LifeCare